about us

We do it all & we do it best. We are Suede Nightclub, Manchester’s super club… with an edge!

Suede is the number one venue in Manchester for the biggest & best events in the city, ensuring an enjoyable & unique clubbing experience for you, our customers.

The venue is one of a kind, with its grand feel, state of the art sound system and a lighting system that can literally blow your mind! In all, attracting party people from all over the UK and providing the perfect clubbing experience.

The venue plays host to weekly events each & every weekend. The club has many regular famous faces including Premiership footballers, Coronation Street stars, Geordie Shore, Big Brother & more. We host a wide variety of exciting events, from the coolest Saturday night parties, to student blowouts, K-Pop nights, Afrobeat parties and VIP events & concerts for some of the biggest RnB stars, from R Kelly to Trey Songz and house nights with top DJ’s such as Amine Adge & Jesse Perez.

For information on what's on check out our events page. To throw an event at the club visit our ‘Venue Hire’ page